In the beginning, a master SolTree was born out of the metaverse on the Solana blockchain. As a baby, his world was thriving! But there was a problem. His fellow treez in the real world were under attack. Master SolTree realized he was born to complete a mission: to save as many trees in the real world on planet earth as possible. His brothers and sisters in the real-world were dying and it was his mission to save them. He spent years in the metaverse training, growing stronger, acquiring knowledge, and finding rare items to aid him on his mission.

Master SolTree needed help, so he hatched a plan to build an army of 4,245 children to join him. He had no time to waste so he set to work creating his army of SolTree children. He provided them with the knowledge and items he had gathered along his journey. Some of them grew stronger than others, some of them would be more valuable to the cause, but he knew that together they could complete this quest together. Finally, the time came. Master SolTree knew his army was ready.

On September 21st Master SolTree and his army of SolTreez will set out to finish what they started, and save their real-world brother and sister treez from the evil army, hell-bent on destroying them all.