10,000 unique trees on Solana with a mission to save the planet

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Mint paused

Mint will reopen with the next MetaForest update (coming soon)

Building a Solana NFT hub

SolTreez is partnering with the best Solana NFT projects to create partner regions that reward holders of both projects.

Pesky Penguins in the MetaForest
Pesky Penguins profile

Pesky Penguins

Famous Foxes in the MetaForest
Famous Foxes profile

Famous Foxes

Degen Apes in the MetaForest
Degen Apes profile

Degen Apes

Meerkat MCC in the MetaForest
Meerkat MCC profile

Meerkat MCC

Rogue Sharks in the MetaForest
Rogue Sharks profile

Rogue Sharks

Skeleton Crew in the MetaForest
Skeleton Crew profile

Skeleton Crew

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OneTreePlanted partnership

We're planting 10 real trees for every Soltreez transaction

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